Golf Ball Screens

Living near a golf course is great, but having to replace windows caused by stray balls will ruin your enjoyment. Putting new glass in is expensive and your home is less secure until the windows are fixed. If it happens enough, you may find that your days are filled with fear of another golf ball crashing through the glass.

End the expense, hassle and worry caused by amateur golfers with our protective, anti-golf ball window screens. Unlike regular screening, anti-golf ball screens are made and installed to sit several inches from the window. This allows them to stop stray golf balls before the balls can hit the glass. Since they’re made of screen instead of opaque material, you can use your windows normally and still enjoy the view of the course.

It’s well worth the small investment to protect your windows from breakage. You’ll be free of the expense of replacing window panes, and more importantly, you’ll be able to enjoy your home without fearing the sound of shattering glass. If you’re in Clark County, call Atomic Solar Screens to install your anti-golf ball screening. Soon you’ll be able to enjoy your home the way you dreamed of when you moved in.

SunTex 80

Composition: 31% Polyester, 69% Vinyl on Polyester Mesh Weight: 13.5 (oz/yd2) Fabric Thickness: .040 (in) Openness Factor: Approximately 25% UV Blockage: Approximately 75%

SunTex 90

Composition: 31% Polyester, 69% Vinyl on Polyester Mesh Weight: 17.2 (oz/yd2) Fabric Thickness: .039 (in) Openness Factor: Approximately 10% UV Blockage: Approximately 90%

Phifer SunTex 80

Openness Factor: Approximately 25%. UV Blockage: Approximately 75%

SunTex 80 Brown

SunTex 80 Black

SunTex 80 Grey

SunTex 80 Stucco

Phifer SunTex 90

Openness Factor: Approximately 10%. UV Blockage: Approximately 90%

SunTex 90 Brown

SunTex 90 Black

SunTex 90 Grey

SunTex 90 Stucco

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