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In 1995, after researching the cost savings related to solar screens, I decided they would be a good long-term investment. I spent some time getting offers from a few local salesmen but wasn’t satisfied with the prices or the customer service in Las Vegas. So, I decided to make my own solar screens. It was a process of trial and error, but in the end, I was satisfied with the results.

After several family members and co-workers asked me to make solar screens for their homes, I opened “Atomic” Solar Screens in 1996 to give Las Vegas customers this great energy-saving product at a fair price. Over the years, my solar screen company has grown from a one-man, in-home operation, to a medium-sized local business with several employees and with a large warehouse and manufacturing shop; however, I still provide the best value for Solar Screen Products and Screen Doors, and I have become the low price leader.

As a proud native of Las Vegas for over 50 years, I know the area well and will be happy to come to your home, at your convenience, to show you my products and provide an estimate. My employees and I use only the best materials in our solar screens. We are customer service-focused and are committed to doing solar screen installation on time.

Residential Solar Screens

Now you can live comfortably, reducing glare and protecting your furnishings with solar screens, and without creating a “closed in” feeling.

Commercial Solar Screens

Give your business a great look while saving money and lowering your energy bill with solar screens.

Golf Ball Impact Screens

End the expense, hassle and worry caused by amateur golfers with our protective, anti-golf ball window screens.

Interior Blinds

Give us a call to find out more about our newest product line – Interior Blinds.

Schedule a Complimentary In-Home Estimate with Accurate Measurements

Our solar screen team will carefully measure each window to provide an accurate estimate. These measurements help us create custom solar screens for your windows.